Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI) is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between Israel and the Jewish people, and people of African descent through education and advocacy; condemns the "Zionism is racism" ideology; defends Israel's right to live in peace with its Arab neighbors; and seeks to help cultivate a mutually beneficial Israel-Africa alliance.

Through the 1975 United Nations Resolutions 3379 "Zionism is racism" was revoked in 1991, its effects are still felt today as the U.N. constantly condemns Israel while largely ignoring true humanitarian crises all over the Middle East and Africa. IBSI also exposes the hypocrisy of anti-Israel Arab Islamists (such as Hamas) who condone and benefit from the trafficking and sale of African slaves, while feigning solidarity with Black people. IBSI exists to tell the truth about Israel; a multiethnic, liberal democracy that is diverse by choice.

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Dumisani washington, founder

Dumisani Washington is a pastor, composer, author and music teacher in Northern California. He is also an Israel advocate with a vision to strengthen solidarity with the Jewish state among Black Americans and other communities of color. He has been an Israel supporter for many years, and focuses his efforts on young people and college students.

Dumisani is a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and former director of The Zion Academy of Music in Stockton, CA. He is also senior pastor of the Congregation of Zion in Stockton. He and his wife, Valerie, have been married for 29 years, and have six children ages 17 to 28.

Dumisani’s Israel journey began in the early 1990s in a quest to better understand the roots of his Christian faith. The trek became cultural as he studied the Jewish Diaspora and became intrigued by Israel’s multi-ethnic identity; and the return of the Diaspora from Ethiopia, India/Burma, Kaifeng and the world. Dumisani began pro-Israel activism by working with colleagues from Christians United for Israel (CUFI), where he focused primarily on the African-American church, and young people of color.

Joshua Washington, assistant director

Joshua Washington is a musician and Israel advocate from Stockton, CA. He directs a music school called the Zion Academy of Music located in Stockton. Along with directing the school, Joshua is a composer, arranger, singer-songwriter and band leader; his most recent project being with Aubrey Logan and the Boston Pops. Joshua is also a worship leader and music director at the Congregation of Zion where his musical skills were honed.

As the former Special Programs Director at IBSI, Joshua's main duties involved partnering with organizations to plan and music direct pro-Israel events across the U.S. As the Assistant Director, he will be doing the same along with planning unique Israel trips for Black Americans and prominent artists and musicians.

Joshua is recently married to South African political figure and human rights advocate Olga Meshoe-Washington, daughter of South African parliament member, Rev. Kenneth Meshoe. Together, they bring the much-needed Israel/Africa conversation to the forefront with their unique messaging and experience.