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The Pro-Israel Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King was a pro-Israel friend of the Jewish people. There is an abundance of historical evidence to support this fact. True to his call as a champion of justice, he was also an advocate for the self-determination and well-being of the Arab (Palestinian) population. In Dumisani Washington’s upcoming book “ZIONISM & THE BLACK CHURCH: WHY STANDING WITH ISRAEL WILL BE A DEFINING ISSUE FOR CHRISTIANS OF COLOR IN THE 21ST CENTURY” he will discuss in detail Dr. King’s Zionist views, and why we can safely speculate on his stance if he were alive today.


Provided is a link to one of Dr. King’s final public appearances before his assassination. In this document are some of the civil rights leader’s most powerful words supporting the Jewish State.


[On the evening of March 25, 1968, ten days before he was killed, Dr. Martin Luther King, zikhrono livrakhah, appeared at the sixty-eighth annual convention of the Rabbinical Assembly. He responded to questions which had been submitted in advance to Rabbi Everett Gendler, who chaired the meeting.

[Here is a transcript of what was said that evening, beginning with the words of Professor Abraham Joshua Heschel, who presented Dr. King to the assembled rabbis.]


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